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Laura @ Harvard Forest

Posted in Science on June 25th, 2010 by Ryan – 8 Comments

link to bigger video

Atmospheric chemist Laura Meredith recently took a trip out to Harvard Forest, a Long-Term Ecological Research site in Petersham, Massachusetts, to deploy a custom-built instrument that measures the flux of hydrogen from the forest to the Atmosphere. We brought the camera along and made this short documentary.

Welcome to Actual Science

Posted in Info on June 25th, 2010 by Ryan – 3 Comments

Hi! This is a website where you can see videos about, like, actual science. We will be posting short videos that feature interviews with actual scientists in their natural habitats–labs, field sites, offices, and bars. I hope that you find it entertaining and informative.

The name “Actual Science” was inspired (a.k.a. stolen) from a short story by Christopher Walters entitled “Actual Mountains,” which appeared in Summer 2008 issue of Take the Handle magazine. There is quite a difference between merely “real” science and “actual” science, as I hope you will discover from this website.